"Nothing can happen, unless it is the will of god"

Ramesh Balsekar

"Life is a dream"

Who am I?

Hello, Namaste, my name is Deepak and I warmly welcome you to my website. I speak about advaita, truth, god.

I originally come from India,Punjab.

In daily living I just let life flow and see what happens, as my master would say. This gives me peace and harmony in daily living.

During my spiritual search i had many masters. They all were a part of the spiritual journey. My final guru who was meant to me happened in the year 2021, it is Ramesh Balsekar. I am very grateful to god for that. 

The spiritual search for freedom and enlightenment stopped gradually. He´s teaching went straight to my heart so that i felt gratification and love for him. From then on, i started to watch his talks (satsangs) on youtube and the more i watched, the more i felt peace and love in myself. 

I knew absolutely he was my final guru who was supposed to happen to me. Due to the beautiful teaching, my life now has become very easy.


The happiness you are seeking is not to be found in the flow of life, but in your attitude towards whatever life brings

Ramesh Balsekar

Why am i here?

My destiny on this earth is to convey people of the truth. Most people live in an illusion and think that they are the doer of their actions, of all that happens. 

Therefore people carry a big load of guilt, shame, hatred, ego and pride, which are obstacles for the happening of self realization or enlightenment. 

My master's concept is that one should find out through personal investigation whether one is really the doer of one's actions or whether someone else has the control of life.

Anyone can do his spiritual practise (personal investigation). It does not require to sit in a meditation posture or doing yoga practises.You don´t have to spend a lot of money for this. It is just a pure self enquiry to oneself. 

If you are interested, I would like to share my master's teaching to you, and then you can tell me whether it has helped you or not in finding peace in life.

Most people don´t know, what they are really seeking. Ramesh´s teaching is so simple and brings one clarity about what is the suffering which prevents the human being from being happy. He is the most unique advaita teacher, i have ever seen on this earth.

Om Shanti

"You are not the doer"   Ramesh Balsekar

Ramesh Balsekar concept of enlightenment

The primal energy is functioning through every ego and bringing about such actions, which are supposed to happen according to god´s will

My service to humanity

If you want to send me a donation, i will gratefully accept and appreciate it. (bank data at the bottom)


- sharing the teachings of Guru Ramesh 

- satsang (personal or online)

- teachings of the ancient advaita vedanta

- self realization, enlightenment

- sharing of spiritual experiences

- everything related to the topic of spirituality



- via zoom meeting or personal 

- satsang/lectures on spiritual wisdom

- for more information, please contact me



Life Coaching

- questions about all problems in life

- partnership problems / health problems

- finding the real job

- increasing motivation, will power and consciousness 

- all other topics related to life

- personal or via phone or online


- relaxation massages

- special treatment for muscular pain/tension

- stretching exercises for the whole body

- strengthing the body to be fit for life

- walking in nature, sports etc.

- enjoying time together, laughing, talking etc.


Mobile number: +4915143133220 

E-mail: live-in-peace@web.de

Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Deepak94

Bank account for donations:

IBAN: DE84472400470822470100


Life is a happening 

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